The XX

I finally managed to make full use of my fantastic HMV gift card and I bought Some CDs. I bought CDs such as Them Crooked Vultures, The Creepshow and some others. However, one CD I purchased stood out as absolutely fantastic.

The XX

Thats the Album cover.

I tend to buy a lot of Cds based solely on their album cover. I thought that this one was quite nifty, so I bought it. Good choice on my part I guess. I rather enjoy this CD. So much so that I’ve already listened to it a sickly number of times. This album is so good I would go out on a limb and say that it is the easily the best debut album of the year. Even one of the best albums of the year period! Usually I find that a bands first few albums are shaky as the band realizes its potential. The XX however, unlike most, have skipped this part and went straight to awesome, sexy perfection. You don’t see that too often (though it still does happen of course. Black Kids and Vampire Weekend being good examples).

I Would add however, that this band, as excellent as I deem it to be, will have difficulty to ever achieve any real popularity. Which is a pity. Honestly I don’t care about that but it seems worthy of mention. The reason for this being that they don’t have that one iconic song. The whole album is divine in mine eyes of course, but nothing stands out on its own.

Regardless, It’s a pretty friggin’ sweet album.


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