hello loyal readers (all zero of you), i have come upon what is kind of an epiphany. I say kind of because I read it in a book a long time ago but recently I gave it some serious thought and realized the truth of it. This is probably a useless piece of imformation but I would say that it explains a lot about our nature. Now I’m certainley no pshychiatrist or philosopher or biological anthropologist but I would say that I can sometimes get a pretty good grasp on my surroundings and can come up with interesting insights.

Human beings, as far as nature is concerned, are self-decrepitating. Now you’ll probably think “well duh, people are stupid.” and I would agree with that but I think that it goes deeper than that. I think it’s an inherit part of our nature. It’s ingrained into our genetics. Think about it, practically everyone drinks, smokes, blazes, does x-treme sports, and so on. It’s not a matter of being stupid… because if it was I’m sure we could show a chimp how to smoke a cigarette and that the chimp would become a chain smoker. Obviously not because the chimp knows that its no good! Human beings bodies are attuned to outside chemical influence and we enjoy it. Everyone smokes, they just don’t know it yet.

Of course there are those who do none of those things but they are, oddly enough, freaks of nature. Going against what is natural. In no way am i condoning any of this behavior, but it is what makes us us.

I honestly wonder what the evolutionary advantage is to this… maybe a way to trim the fat? I have no clue… but that might make sense. Those who can’t survive the toil they put their body through don’t get to spread their genes. It’s just you’d think that genes that don’t fall to such behavior would have sprung up by now. Assuming that is the case then we’ve gotten past having to survive against it and everyone survives and we just have an ill society.

Perhaps this might explain our environmental irresponsibility or our cruelty… but probably not because we see that in other species…

Keep in mind this is one hundred percent researchless…


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