An Important Issue

Owls vs. Beavers. Who would win?

A lot of the time you get something in your head where you think “hmmm… I wonder who would win in a fight… Kermit the frog or enzo?”. Usually these questions are silly because the answers are so obvious (Enzo obviously). Once in a while I have discovered that there really is a fight worthy of discussion and debate. Pirates vs. Ninjas, Buzz Lightyear vs. Captain America and so on.

I have decided that beavers vs. owls is a fight worthy of such discussions.


  • Flight
  • Wisdom
  • Large Talons
  • Strategic Cunning
  • Silent
  • Exceptional Eyesight
  • Rotatable Head
  • Some have horns
  • Terrifying Screech


  • Big Badass Teeth
  • Biggest enemy of the Ents
  • Build Dams
  • Led by Simon Cowell
  • Super Strength
  • Giant Rodent
  • Powerful Tail
  • Screws over other forest creatures
  • Persistant Schemer
  • Hard worker

Its impossible to tell! I think that I would have to throw the two into a ring and see. Would PETA be cool with that?

(I’ll be in the Owls corner, Beavers are dicks.)


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