I are Stupid

Yes, I may be stupid.

I have, on average, no to limited funds at my disposal. Yet it nevers fails that this money tends to go towards very unimportant things. I know I’m not alone in this regard but those other irresponsible folk don’t have to drive a fair bit to get home. What usually happens to me is a spend my money and then realize that I don’t have any money left tot fuel my car and to get home.

I am certainly stupid.

As irresponsible this is, I have good friends out there who pay no heed to my idiotics and are more than willing to allow me to a) not only crash at there house at midnight because I con’t make it home but b) they also lend me money to put a few dollars into my gas tank. This means a lot to me to know there are good folk out there willing to go out on a limb for their friends. I like to think that I wouldn’t hesitate in the least to do the same.

So thanks goes out to all those swell friends of mine who super bad-ass. You make my retardedness a little more bearable.


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