I Live on the Internet

So I had just written a lengthy post outlining all of the websites that have kept me distracted from doing both my schoolwork and updating my blog. However, it got lost because my internet decided to be uncooperative so I will provide a summarized list of all those sites

  • Ficly
  • Greenzac (youtube vlog)
  • Other Youtube vlogs (Kassem G, Shay Carl)
  • xkcd
  • Legorobotcomics
  • Other Webcomics
  • Thisisphotobomb
  • Failblog
  • failbooking
  • My[Confined]Space
  • BadAstronomy
  • Stupid semi-frequently updated sites (lolcatz, peopleofwalmart, Awkwardfamilyphotos etc.)
  • Friends Blogs
  • Fark

Of course this is not an exhaustive list and I wish I hadn’t been so inter-clumsy as to lose my previous entry. Oh well.

And Olivia is the mutha fuckin shit.


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