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The Photobomb

A new art has been born. I am making it my goal to photobomb every picture possible from here on out. What is a “photobomb” you ask?  Well I am more than happy to inform! A photobomb is when someone impolitely intrudes upon a photograph that is being taken and generally does as such in a crude manner.

So every photo I see being taken in the future, I will attempt to vandalize with my presence. This will be most entertaining. Well… entertaining for me. The photographers would not enjoy I think. Sure it may be cutesy the first 13 times but after that it may get tedious. I’ll be having a ball though.

To view some excellent photobombs please feel free to visit


An Important Issue

Owls vs. Beavers. Who would win?

A lot of the time you get something in your head where you think “hmmm… I wonder who would win in a fight… Kermit the frog or enzo?”. Usually these questions are silly because the answers are so obvious (Enzo obviously). Once in a while I have discovered that there really is a fight worthy of discussion and debate. Pirates vs. Ninjas, Buzz Lightyear vs. Captain America and so on.

I have decided that beavers vs. owls is a fight worthy of such discussions.


  • Flight
  • Wisdom
  • Large Talons
  • Strategic Cunning
  • Silent
  • Exceptional Eyesight
  • Rotatable Head
  • Some have horns
  • Terrifying Screech


  • Big Badass Teeth
  • Biggest enemy of the Ents
  • Build Dams
  • Led by Simon Cowell
  • Super Strength
  • Giant Rodent
  • Powerful Tail
  • Screws over other forest creatures
  • Persistant Schemer
  • Hard worker

Its impossible to tell! I think that I would have to throw the two into a ring and see. Would PETA be cool with that?

(I’ll be in the Owls corner, Beavers are dicks.)

Spread the Word

Yes Sweet Lemonade

What I Happen to be Thinking During the Time this was Written.

I’m thinking about how much i love condiments. and the food that happens to get dipped into said comments (which contains a MASS variety of different foods). anything that is exceptionally delicious should be able to dipped into another delicious substance to be made even more delicious (except, of course, for meals that exceed the rating of 10, yet cannot, because of the fact that it is, indeed, impossible to score because mere humans are not capable of such acts). EG. chicken wings are delicious and that we can all readily agree that there is a variety of substance that it can be dipped into to improve upon the taste factor of the previously said type of food. Unless of course you are a vegetaritan/vegan of course and let it be known I wholeheartedly support those who d0 not eat meat despite that fact that we disagree. Ok, new topic, vegetarians. A lot of people do not eat meat. People are vegetations for a variety of reasons  including, but not exclusively, animal rights, a healthy diet and environmental protectiveness. These are very noble and honorable reasons not to eat meat. So no hating on vegetarians! Anyways, thats that much more meat for me! Yippee! I just got back from the Gibbons Hotel, and let me let you know that they most certainley leave their kegs lying around for days on end in small towns because their beer is flat! Including Gibbons Hotel. Oh well, I had a good time regardless. I met some of my brothers previous compatriarts from high school. It was most entertaining. I got offered-ish a job working cement next summer but I’m not too sure if I want to cuz i wanna travel around again. I want to hitch-hike across Canada and see the land. And including Hunter and Ivan. Especially! So we’ll see what happens. I hate manual labor. Tomorrow is dungeons. Sweet. I’m such a nerd…

Make a Will Save

This probably isn’t that funny. I think it is though because sometimes I think like this. Only when I’m bored though. Not always in real life.

I mean… this is stupid and D&D is only for loser nerds without girlfriends. Pshaw, who plays that? really! I would never ever play such a stimulating and imaginative game.


Ok… I can admit it, I have some embarrassing habits and do some embarrassing things. We all do. I think… Anyways, I can admit that yes, I did play farmville, about a couple of months back. Then I got ridiculously frustrated because my stupid strawberries kept dying on me. Then in a fit of anger I deleted it thinking “good riddance”. I still agree with my previous thoughts… Plants vs. Zombies is way better.

Anyways, once I started playing it Max and Tor had to start too. I don’t think that Tor does anymore, but Maxwell is obsessed with this stupid game. I swear he’s on 5 times a day and that he actually keeps a schedule or something. He’s got everything all timed out. He’s even got a direct link to farmville on his desktop. So here’s to making fun of Max.

Here are some recent quotations from Max courtesy of his gf Danae which I proceeded to steal from facebook.

  • “lets play farmville”
  • “oh, I’m just playing farmville”
  • “look at my farm on farmville”
  • “look I’m level 30 now”
  • “I can plant red wheat now”
  • “I have to check my farmville first”

Sid and Al’s Incredible Toon Machine

I was thinking about cartoon violence the other day and thought back to my childhood. When I was but a wee youngster there were a few simple things that were guaranteed to keep me occupied. Video games, senseless violence, and cartoons. When all three of these things come together I was definitely a happy camper. Lucky enough for me, in 1993 Sierra releases a game called “Sid and Al’s Incredible Toon Machine”. The main characters of the game are Sid (a yellow mouse) and Al (a blue cat). The game is a strategy puzzle game where you try and accomplish whatever goal is presented. Many such goals included things along the lines of “get Al to eat Sid”, “drop an anvil on Al’s head”, “get Sid to the cheese” or (my personal favorite) “send Al to kitty heaven using the revolver”. What fun! So much silly violence! Now the game is simple at its core and the first few puzzles are painfully easy. As you progress though, they get much much harder.

So as I was reflecting on my past an ingenious thought popped into my head. I was gonna go and find it on the miraculous internets! After much nasty searching and dead-ends, I finally stumbled across a downloadable version! Naturally, it wasn’t going to be that easy considering the game was originally intended to run on MS-DOS. DOS is about as old school computin’ as you can get. So I had to go and find a way to get DOS. After finding that I had to fiddle with it a bunch and finally I got it going. Surprisingly enough, not a lot about me has changed since my youth. The cartoon violence in this game is absolutely ridiculous. The puzzles are mentally stimulating. You can make your own too! Needless to say, some things never die.


This stupid friggin’ game is so bloody hard!!!